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Building Your Dream Home? Include Smart Technology

Work with a home automation company that delivers results

 Building Your Dream Home? Include Smart Technology

According to IDC, smart homes are on the rise, with 26.9 percent growth over the next few years, and much of that is happening by 2023. If you're living in Sands Point, NY, it's time to invest in a smart home system for your new construction home.

Home Theater of Long Island is a home automation company specializing in achieving your goals, no matter what type of house or property you have. We can help you build the smart home of your dreams before the drywall goes up. Why work with a home automation company when your new home is being built? Read on to find out.

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The main benefit of working with a home technology integrator is that they can pre-wire your home before the drywall is installed. Don't waste valuable time and money on rework -- when you work with us from the beginning, we can design your wiring system to fit your new home's blueprints exactly. That means you can add more technology and enjoy a better-looking system in a house built for technology.

We work with industry professionals like home builders and architects to create detailed plans, so the system fits flawlessly within your space. You benefit from increased property value, and you can enjoy these smart solutions as soon as you move in.

System Design

Wiring hides behind drywall, but outlets, lifts, light fixtures, and built-in speakers require a planned and systematic approach and calibration to function correctly. By working with us from the beginning, you can enjoy the technology, but you'll rarely have to think about it.

Plus, many homeowners want flush-mounted installations and to avoid unsightly wall clutter. We use specialized brackets to provide an excellent look for every room in your new home. With your help – and if we start early – we can blend the technology to work within your home seamlessly.

Reduce Re-Work Time

If you bring us in too late, your project might not go as smoothly as it could. If you’re looking for something simple like lighting control or whole-home audio systems, early installation can minimize rework costs. And if you want total smart home automation, home theaters, and integrated security, we can help guide our collaboration partners to the best architectural choices for optimum functionality.

Otherwise, it could mean breaking down drywall and finding places to put the devices. However, if you get ahead of the curve and anticipate the technology you want, you can streamline the project by working with a local technology expert.

At Home Theater of Long Island, we have years of experience installing smart home and AV technology. If you’re looking for a reliable integration partner, click here or give us a call at 516-365-HIFI today.

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