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Discover What It Means to Live in a Control4 Smart Home

Customization Is the Key to Enjoying a Luxurious Lifestyle

Discover What It Means to Live in a Control4 Smart Home

As humans, we tend to look back at some of the more important decisions we’ve made and wonder, was that the right call? And, while we can’t answer that question for the myriad of life’s events and determinations, we can speak to smart home living. 

More often than not, after creating a smart home, our client responds, “Wow. Why didn’t I do this sooner?” So, why do people hesitate? As with many things in life, it’s not knowing. After all, without direct experience, how can you really know the effects of your decision and what it’s like to live in an automated home?

Here, we’ll describe some of the remarkable changes a Control4 home automation platform brings. Then, we recommend scheduling a visit to our 5,000-square-foot state-of-the-art showroom and experiencing first-hand what it means to live in a smart home.

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Creating an Intelligent Home

At Home Theater of Long Island, we partner with Control4, a global leader in home automation. As an open platform, the system integrates with virtually every connected device. This means you can manage your entire home using an elegant touchscreen, remote, keypad, or voice commands. When you’re away, you simply pull up the app, check on the status of your home, and make changes as you see fit.

You can lock the doors, turn on the landscape lights, stream high-fidelity music throughout your home and outdoor area, adjust the temperature, ignite the firepit, close the shades, and heat the spa by pressing one button. The key to a customized, intelligent home is extensive personalized programming.

Our automation and audio-video experts ensure a smart home programmed to perform exactly as you want it to with one touch or automated scheduling. From waking to retiring, you enjoy luxury living at its finest, surprising and delighting you throughout the day.  

Devices Managed by a Control4 Smart Home

With tens of thousands of devices that a Control4 smart home can manage, our list would be long, indeed. While you’ve undoubtedly heard of the more commonly used smart devices, such as shades, lighting, security systems, and climate control, you also enjoy one-touch integrated management of all your entertainment devices.

Select a display and the video source with one tap on your touchscreen, from Blu-ray players to streaming boxes, game consoles, and more. Manage your entire home theater or media room by pressing ‘Movie Night.’ The options and opportunities are truly limitless.

And while all these devices can be managed from a user-friendly platform, it’s the interconnected capabilities that transform your everyday life. We program your devices to work together, creating a smart home built from your preferences and lifestyle. 

Experiencing Smart Home Living

At Home Theater of Long Island, our electronics and design backgrounds, 18 years of experience, and ability to program smart devices for unmatched personalization provide an incredible, almost unimaginable experience. It’s a lifestyle that offers enhanced safety, convenience, and extreme enjoyment. To learn more about Control4 home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Home Theater of Long Island today.