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Does Your Home Networking System Make the Grade?

Now, more than ever, you need a reliable network

Does Your Home Networking System Make the Grade?

If you're like many of us, you're probably staying home and relying on streaming services to entertain you. Hours of streaming on the internet and enjoying one-touch command of your smart home help to pass the time while social isolating. No matter how you use your technology, chances are you're giving your home networking system a run for its money. But if you see lower-quality streaming content, or you can't connect all your devices, it could mean it's time for an upgrade. Do you need to improve your Manhasset, NY home's network to get more out of your system? Find out here.

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Lower than 4K Resolution

You may know it as Ultra HD, but 4K is one of the most modern advancements in-home viewing has had in recent years. A more pixel-dense image than now-standard 1080p HD results in clearer images that you can see easily from any angle. And when you stream your favorite content in 4K, it can seem brand new.

Of course, 4K signals are much larger than 1080p. That means they need a more extensive space to move freely. This space is called bandwidth. Think of it like a multi-lane freeway, with enough lanes for all the traffic going back and forth. If a 1080p signal is a big truck, 4K is something like a semi. If there aren't enough lanes on the freeway, you could have a traffic jam.

And if no one can get to their destination, it can cause everything to shut down. If you upgrade your network, you can ensure there's enough room for everything.

Connecting Wireless Devices

When your whole family is staying home, everyone's probably on the Wi-Fi. So, if your network is only used for supporting a smart home system and 4K streaming, it might not be able to handle every iPhone, laptop, and other smart devices in your home simultaneously. Mobile devices might not connect if everyone is streaming and surfing the web in the different rooms of the house.

With a mesh network, you can ensure connectivity by upgrading your Wi-Fi. A mesh network connects multiple devices, called nodes, throughout your property. These act as waypoints for the wireless internet signal, and adding more will expand your network's size.

Harder to hack than traditional Wi-Fi, mesh networks are also more reliable in the long run. No matter where you go in your home, you'll get a robust signal and make the connections you need to get through the day.

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