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Smart Cameras for Wellness?

A thermal fever detection system can help your family stay healthy

Smart Cameras for Wellness?

There are plenty of things you can do with a smart security system in your New York City home. You can keep an eye on things from anywhere in the world, record hours of footage, and -- with some devices -- even engage in two-way communication. But did you know smart cameras can also help enhance the wellness of your home? Thanks to thermal fever detection capabilities, you can quickly see differences in temperature and make determinations about how to proceed. What can a system do for you? Find out below.

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Motobix Thermal Temperature Detection

Whether you want to read the temperature of a package left at your front door, keep an eye on overheating electronics, or even detect a fever before someone enters your home, Motobix Thermal Temperature Detection can help you achieve your goals.

Motobix uses heat signatures and applies temperature ranges based on the environment. In other words, your camera will adjust its readings when it’s cold outside, and then again when it warms up. That way, you can ensure accurate readings.

The system can detect temperature differences as low as 3.4°F and displays an overlay that relates events in real-time. People, animals, and objects of a different temperature than the surrounding area will stand out. Your system can even trigger certain activities, like alarms and push notifications on your smartphone.

Motobix cameras are perfect for enhancing your security, and also for ensuring your family’s wellbeing.

And though Motobix products are primarily designed for commercial applications, their S16 and S16 TR units are discreet and low-profile, so they won’t have to dominate your spaces. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re safe without disrupting the look of your home.

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