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Enhance Any Room & Save Energy with Automated Shades

Shades & Controls from Savant Add Beauty & Benefits to Your Home

Enhance Any Room & Save Energy with Automated Shades

Window treatments are the final element in a well-designed room. Furnishing the final fit and finish, shades frame a space, defining a sense of comfort and welcoming appeal. 

Automated shades go beyond style, adding an essential element of environmental control, privacy, and protection. Adding sophisticated home automation offers you wellness benefits while reducing your energy costs.

At Home Theater of Long Island, we partner with Savant to provide you with solutions that exceed expectations for your luxury home. Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Syosset, NY living space? Continue reading to learn more. 

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Make the Most of Sunlight

Sunlight streaming into a room influences the look and feel of a space, making your home appear more stimulating, inviting, and improving the sense of space. 

The positive effect of the sun is not lost on architects and interior designers who favor the use of daylighting in modern designs. The practice opens a residence by replacing solid walls with a seamless transition to the outside using windows and skylights, allowing in more light. In addition, when tied to a circadian lighting system, you save on energy costs – supplementing as needed. 

The benefits of bringing more natural light into your home are clear; too much of a good thing can be problematic, especially in our sultry summers. The unmanaged heat from the sun quickly makes a room stuffy and unbearable. Savant shades and automation products utilize sensors and time of day programming to allow just the right mixture of light while minimizing the stress on your HVAC system. 

Manage Privacy & Protection

Windows are your eyes into the outside world; they give you the beautiful vistas of your backyard and beyond. Blurring the line between your living room and nature is a wonderful luxury, but the clarity with which you see out can leave you open to other issues. 

The same UV rays that increase vitality and bring vigor to your daily living can also cause damage when overexposed. Motorized shades filter sunlight, protecting your fine furniture, artwork, and fabrics from fading – extending their vibrancy and value.

Savant window treatments and controls also give you the ability to manage your privacy. Lower sheers to allow light in, reducing the view from outside, or bring down blackout shades as the family gathers in the home theater in their pajamas to watch a movie. 

Perfect for Your Luxury Home

Shades add more than fashion; they minimize energy costs while maximizing natural light in your life. Are you ready to add beauty and benefits to your home? Call us at 516-365-4434 or fill out our questionnaire to get the conversation started.

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