How Savant Smart Home Control Improves Your Life

5 Ways a Home Automation System Makes Day-to-Day Living More Enjoyable

How Savant Smart Home Control Improves Your Life

Luxury means different things to different people. What was considered a luxury home in the early 20th century is commonplace now. In fact, even for people living in the 1970s, they’d think the homes of today are futuristic – something out of a science fiction novel. And yet, some people don’t realize that they can make their homes even more luxurious. Savant helps to make it possible.

Imagine having seamless control of lights, audio-video systems, window treatments, and home security simply by tapping a button. That’s what smart home control can do for you. Keep reading to learn about five smart technologies that improve your life and your home in Roslyn, NY.

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A Bright Solution for Your Home

Lighting automation is one of the most popular ways to introduce smart home control into your life. It not only offers a seamless way to adjust your lights without getting up out of your seat, but it also transforms the ambiance of your rooms. Today’s products include tunable lights that change colors based on your preferences to create the mood you want in each room. Also, you can program a lighting scene in your Savant tablet, such as “Morning,” “Dinner,” “Away,” or “Party Time” that responds with just a touch.

Perfect Control of Heat & Natural Light

Here comes the sun! As the morning sun rises, so do your automated shades. Motorized window treatments help you take control of the natural light entering your windows. They also integrate beautifully with your Savant smart home system, which means you can control them with a touchpad or smartphone app, or you can program them to operate on their own. Isn’t that a better way to adjust your blinds, drapes, and shades? Tap an icon on your mobile device or a button on your remote to enjoy perfect natural light and heat control in your home.

Music, Music Everywhere!

Instead of staying confined to one or two rooms to enjoy music, expand your space to every room in the house. Whole-home audio lets you listen to music, podcasts, radio programs, and any audio through premium in-room speakers. Access your favorite playlists, media library, and radio and satellite programs from anywhere in the house via your smart device. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room to your outdoor spaces, you’ll enjoy high-performance audio wherever you go.

Home Entertainment at Its Best

Your home theater is the heart of home entertainment. What better way to enjoy a cinematic experience than integrating all the technologies with a smart home system like Savant? As you sit back in your luxury theater seats, you can take control of your 4K TV or projector, the immersive surround-sound system, the smart lighting, and everything else. For extra ambiance, you should also include custom décor to make your theater space look the part. Then, when it’s movie time, you’ll feel like you’re in a luxury movie theater.

The Smartest Solution for Home Security

How can you ensure the safety of your home and family? With a smart security system! Smart security includes AI-powered surveillance cameras, access controls, remote monitoring, automatic locks, video doorbells, and much more. Your home will be like a luxury fortress. A Savant security system keeps you informed of every activity on your property, both threats and pre-programmed triggers. You can also unlock and lock doors, arm and disarm the system, and adjust the cameras to view live footage – all remotely!

Find out how Home Theater of Long Island can elevate your living experience with smart home control. Call us, chat with us below, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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