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Gain Peace of Mind with a Smart Surveillance System at Your Home

Protect your loved ones and property with home surveillance

Gain Peace of Mind with a Smart Surveillance System at Your Home

Whether you’re leaving the kids with a new babysitter or feeling unsettled when your home or apartment is vacant, a smart surveillance system can instill peace of mind that your family and property are safe. It lets you access real-time footage, ensuring you have 24-hour access to everything going on - inside and out. 

But remote surveillance is just one of the many features of intelligent home security cameras. With advanced capabilities, the cameras can strengthen your defenses. Read on to discover how smart surveillance cameras add an extra layer of security to your New York City property. 


Auto Tracking Cameras

Smart surveillance cameras have several intelligent features, including auto-tracking. Using this feature, the cameras can automatically identify a person when they appear in the camera’s field of vision. Moreover, the cameras also focus on their face as well as tilt and rotate their position to follow the person. 

The best part about auto-tracking is that it allows you to review the footage you want to see instead of piecing together bits of recordings, making it a more secure and convenient option. In fact, you can also take control of the cameras by panning, tilting, and zooming them to get the best angle. 

Threat Detection Capabilities

Today’s smart home security cameras are equipped with AI video analytics that allows them to learn routine activities that occur at home. 

If any unusual activity is detected, smart surveillance technology quickly triggers the alarm system, alerting everyone at home of potential threats. Moreover, the system also dispatches an immediate alert to your smartphone or any other mobile device. It allows you to become proactive and call for help right away to ensure your family and property remain safe. 

Custom Alerts

Besides receiving alerts when the alarm system gets triggered, the surveillance system can also send you custom notifications for added peace of mind. For instance, every time the doorbell rings or someone enters your home; you can get an alert on your mobile device to keep an eye on what matters the most to you. 

Two-Way Communication 

Another essential feature of smart home security cameras is that they offer two-way communication with built-in microphones and speakers. Every time someone is at the door, you don’t have to open the door directly. Instead, speak to whoever is at your front gate before you let them in. 

This is also handy for communicating with family, babysitters, and dog walkers when you’re not home. Whether you want to say a quick hello to your kids or give instructions to the nanny, simply speak with the two-way intercom. 

Protect your home with a reliable surveillance system that puts your mind at ease. Reach out to Home Theater of Long Island to gain access to the top home security solutions. Give us a call at 516-365-HIFI to get started on your project today. You can also schedule a meeting with our team by filling out an easy online contact form