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Secure Your Home with IC Realtime and Savant Home Automation

Experience the Peace of Mind that Comes from Smart Security and Smart Home Control

Secure Your Home with IC Realtime and Savant Home Automation

Smart homes offer a luxurious lifestyle, enabling homeowners and families to manage their home’s many systems with one touch on a user-friendly platform. Tap an icon on a touchscreen to hear your favorite “By the Pool” streaming playlist. Ask to light the fire pit, heat the spa, and turn on the patio lights. Just about anything is possible in today’s home automation market. 

It's interesting to note that one of the systems our clients in Garden City, NY, ask us about frequently is smart home security. They want a smart security system that will keep their families safe as well as their expensive home technologies and valuables.  

At Home Theater of Long Island, we partner with industry leaders in home automation and security. In 2019, two of our partners joined forces—IC Realtime and Savant, making securing and managing homes effortless.

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IC Realtime in Action

IC Realtime offers video surveillance solutions that interact seamlessly with the Savant home automation platform. These cameras are used in government and military contracts and offer the highest level of privacy, an important consideration among our clients. 

IC Realtime provides a vast array of video surveillance cameras, from one of the best video doorbells on the market to 360-degree indoor and outdoor security cameras. Their flood cameras offer infrared night vision and LED floodlights that cast a bright, expansive light when intrusion is detected. 

Equipped with two-way audio, they let you speak to your friend who just arrived or the delivery driver dropping off a package. If a suspicious person is spotted, you can address them directly while activating the remotely controlled siren.

These security cameras, however, do more than observe your home and its surroundings. They also interact with your smart home. 

Integrating Security and Your Smart Home

Savant is one of the fastest-growing home automation companies for luxury homes. Part of the reason for their success is their ability to customize smart home technology for large estates. 

With Savant, you can access all of your video cameras and doorbells from the same user-friendly platform that controls your lighting and shades, TVs, audio, and more. And all of these systems work together to create a safe and secure home. For example, our certified technicians can program the system to turn on the lights and audio when motion is detected in the backyard at unusual times. Or the live security camera feed can appear on the TV screen when unusual movement is detected. 

One of the best features is that you can keep an eye on your home and family no matter where you are. You’ll receive a notification if something out of the ordinary occurs. With one tap on your smartphone, arm the alarm, lock up your home, and check the remaining entrance points, such as the gates and garage.


Are you ready to feel the security that the combined power of Savant and IC Realtime brings? To learn more about home security or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Home Theater of Long Island today.