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Give Your Favorite Songs New Life with a Surround Sound System

Your New York Home Can Become a Sound Studio with Just a Touch of a Button on Your Smart Device

Give Your Favorite Songs New Life with a Surround Sound System

Music is an important part of our lives. But you’re only getting part of the transformative experience by listening through earbuds. You can take your listening to the next level by turning your home into a private concert venue with a surround sound system. Whole-home audio, home theater sound systems, and audio distribution from Home Theater of Long Island will utterly transform your New York home. Why listen to your favorite songs the old-fashioned way when you can play pitch-perfect sounds in every room, right from your smart phone or tablet?

Learn more about how you can turn your New York, New York home into a personal sound studio.

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Music Streaming Like Never Before

If you’re a music lover, you probably stream many of your favorite songs online through Pandora, Spotify, and other platforms. Not only can you stream thousands of songs of all genres, you can enjoy them with pitch-perfect quality through a sound system from Bowers & Wilkins that plays through in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. No more dealing with the bulky clutter of large sound equipment that disrupts your home decor. Rather than streaming through your phone, tablet, or TV, the sound will connect through a centralized hub that evenly distributes the sound throughout your home (or wherever you want your speakers located). As with all our technology, you can easily manage your song preferences through an app on your tablet or phone. 

Bring Out Your Favorite CDs Again

Think CDs are a relic of the past? Not if you don’t want them to be! A surround sound system will bring new life to your old favorites through an AV receiver. You can even play a CD in one room or part of the house while someone else streams Spotify elsewhere. Create as many “music zones” as you like, all easily controllable from one interface.

Vinyl Records for Vintage Lovers

Vintage sound doesn’t have to mean sacrificing sound quality. No matter how much technology advances, turntables are still considered one of the best sources of playing music by self-described audiophiles. You can still play your favorite records with surround sound by controlling it through a smart home touchpad. The record play connects to the receiver using what’s called a phono preamp. Any room in your home can become a sound studio with amplified melodies and pitch quality. This is one of the best ways to give vintage sounds new life in the modern era.

Upgrade Your Sound System Today

Ready to transform the way you listen to music? Call Home Theater of Long Island today or click here to fill out our online contact form to set up a consultation and learn more about the home services we offer.

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