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HomeWorks QS: A Robust, Panelized Lighting Control Solution

A Smart Lighting System That’s Easy to Use and Integrated Perfectly with Your Home

HomeWorks QS: A Robust, Panelized Lighting Control Solution

What makes a house a home? It’s one that is beautifully built, designed for your comfort and enjoyment, and optimized for complete smart home control. With the HomeWorks QS lighting system, everything comes together: beauty, comfort, and control. This smart lighting solution offers a wide range of fixtures, command options, and features, letting you customize it based on your homein Greenwich, CT.

It’s a lighting control system you can manage with several devices, such as a touchpad, phone app, wall panel, or remote. Keep reading to see how the HomeWorks QS panelized lighting system makes lighting control easy, sleek, and fun.

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A Reliable and Expansive Lighting System

Some people have smart bulbs – a few around the house. Others have a smart lighting system for a room. Both offer a certain level of convenience. However, if you want a bigger and brighter solution for lighting control, then HomeWorks QS by Lutron is the way to go. The HomeWorks QS is centralized control system that manages all of your lightingshading, and other home technologies, such as smart thermostats, home audio, and more

This is certainly the ideal luxury lighting solution for your luxury home! Not only is it more reliable than a standalone wireless system (because it’s hardwired into your home), but it also allows for future expansion. For instance, you can easily integrate other buildings on your property like guesthouses, garages, outdoor entertainment areas, or home additions.

And yes, you can still control everything with a smarhometablet. The system has other control features, too, like the sleek Alisse Wall Control panel that lets you set the perfect lighting scene for a particular room. Press a button, and all the lights adjust according to your specifications. Don’t want to touch anything? No problem. Use a voice assistant to control your lights, blinds, whole-home music, and anything else. 

What Is Panelized Lighting? 

Perfect for new home builds or homes that require a remodel, panelized (or centralized) lighting offerthe ultimate in smarlighting control. It gives you comprehensive command over your home’s lighting system using stylish and sophisticated keypads rather than a collection of switches on every wallYou adjust the lights with the multi-function keypad or a wireless device. 

Set lighting scenes for each room or occasion, such as “Movie Night,” “Dinner,” or “Morning.” When it is time for the event, push a button on the keypad or an icon on your smart tablet, and the lights adjust automatically. A panelized lighting system connects toan unlimited number of lights, unlike a wireless system. It is a convenient, sophisticated, reliable, androbust way to light your home. 


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