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Lutron HomeWorks Makes Lighting Control Seamless

Discover the Many Benefits of Using HomeWorks for Your Lighting Control System

Lutron HomeWorks Makes Lighting Control Seamless

Last century, when Thomas Edison harnessed the power of electricity, the electric bulb was considered a luxury in a home. Instead of depending on oil lamps and candles, people simply flipped a switch to light their rooms. Fast forward to the 21st century. Today’s high-tech and luxurious lighting solution is the smart lighting system. It allows you to turn lights on and off via a smart tablet, smartphone, voice control, or sleek and modern wall panels.

Lutron’s HomeWorks gives you seamless and remote control of all the lighting in your home, including your motorized shades. Keep reading to see how you can outfit your home in Sands Point, NY, with a Lutron lighting control system.

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Creating Beautiful Light in Your Home

We’ve come a long way since the incandescent bulb. In early 19th-century homes, the electrical system had exposed wires running everywhere to provide “luxurious” lighting control. Now, in some smart homes, the wires and even the lighting controls are hidden from plain sight.

Lutron’s HomeWorks is designed to make your luxury home even more luxurious and livable. It seamlessly integrates control of smart lighting and shades to add convenience and opulence to your life. Lutron’s lighting keypads come in many styles. They complement your interior design motif with sophisticated and intuitive controls that can be programmed to create the perfect lighting scene in a room. Press a button, and all the lights adjust to your specifications.

Lights That Are In-Tune with You

Tunable and human-centric lighting adjusts according to the sunlight, an event or task at hand, and even your mood. Instead of one lighting color, you can choose from an unlimited palette. Whether you want colorful lights for an outdoor party, soothing amber-colored lights when you wake in the morning, or purple lights for your home theater – the choice is yours! A Lutron HomeWorks lighting system lets you design, control, and enjoy. In addition, you can program your human-centric lights to sync with your body’s natural circadian rhythm. They’ll automatically change brightness and hue throughout the day to help you feel more alert during the day and relaxed in the evening.

Seamless Shade Control

Let natural light help you ease into the morning. The HomeWorks system also gives you complete control of your motorized shades. Whether you want to control them on the spot with your smart tablet, or you’d like to program a personalized schedule, you’ll enjoy how easy it is to operate your window treatments. Available in many styles and fabrics, Lutron’s shading solutions feature an expansive collection to coordinate with your interior design.


Smart Living with Smart Control

Did you know your smart lights automatically know when you come and go? That’s not something our ancestors could have predicted. Lutron’s smart lights “learn” your schedule, making it even more convenient for you. Of course, you can always take control of the system whenever you want. In fact, from wherever you are – at work, around the block, or in another part of the world – you can keep an eye on your home and adjust the lights as you see fit.

Enjoy 21st-century living by putting Lutron lighting control in your home. Call Home Theater of Long Island at 516-365-HIFI or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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