Coastal Source Fixtures Add Excitement And Ambiance To Your Property


Entertaining outdoors is one of the greatest pleasures of homeownership. Gathering friends and family to celebrate milestones, watching the big game, or enjoying meaningful conversations with loved ones is always better outdoors.

Outdoor televisions and distributed audio may be the first technologies homeowners think of when reminiscing about previous barbeques and get-togethers. While these elements are important, it’s landscape lighting that truly brings your property to life after dark.

Are you looking to make more of your Brookville, NY, property? Keep reading below to learn how you can transform the way you spend time outside this upcoming summer and every season to come!

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With the simple flip of a switch or tap of your finger on your smartphone, you can dim the lights for a romantic dinner with your partner or the perfect movie night indoors. Outdoors, you can do the same if you have landscape lighting. While outdoor lighting does enhance curb appeal and safe navigation for your guests in the dark, its most powerful feature is enhancing the atmosphere of your property. 

Just as indoor lights set the tone for the perfect evening, outdoor fixtures from Coastal Source foster a dramatic response. And with just a bit of creativity, homeowners can generate an ambiance for a summertime dinner party or manage the mood as the evening progresses from relaxing outdoor hangout to a fun nighttime pool party.


The right lighting can tell a story and craft another world right in your backyard. Highlighting the topiary with silhouettes creates a soft backdrop while defining boundaries and paths. Spotlight architectural features and masonry or add drama and texture using wall-grazing lights. Create romantic overtones under the pergola by simulating how the moon streams through the trees. 

Color generates intrigue and fun; different hues alter our moods, build anticipation, and bring excitement to a space. Start the evening with a combination of yellow, green, and red, colors known to stimulate the brain’s areas associated with pleasure and happiness. As the evening progresses, transition the lights into violet and blues to invoke a sense of calm and tranquility. 


Outdoor entertaining is an essential element of summer living, and Home Theater of Long Island provides complete outdoor lifestyle solutions. Whether you desire a backyard TV experience that is viewable any time of day or lighting solutions that comply with local dark night regulations, we are dedicated to elevating the luxury of your property. 


Let us help you find the perfect outdoor technology solution. Start the conversation by calling us at 516-365-4434 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to working with you! 

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