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Make an Upgrade with Lutron Whole-Home Systems

Discover the true benefits of lighting , shading, and whole-home control with Lutron

Make an Upgrade with Lutron Whole-Home Systems

Luxury homes have many attractive features, such as custom architecture, interior design, bespoke furnishings, beautiful cabinetry, and even rare artwork. But what truly creates a stunning interior space, and one that offers true luxury, is the lighting. After all, without lighting, all of that beauty is hidden. However, with the right lighting in your rooms, your home will shine!

Besides transforming the aesthetics of your home, the lighting design and shading systems also offer countless security and privacy benefits. And with Lutron, you can control all home technologies from a centralized hub. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your home to make it more intuitive and easier to control, Lutron whole-home systems are exactly what you need. Read on to discover how they add value, appeal, and security to your Glenhead, NY home.

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Whole Home Automation

Lutron is famous for its shading and lighting systems. They offer a myriad of lighting and control options that transform a space. In addition, their motorized shades come in many models and styles to complement your design motif. Best of all, you can control everything via the Lutron HomeWorks System. Home control has never been so seamless! But these advanced home control technologies can do more. 

Lutron HomeWorks offers whole-home automation. Be it the air conditioner, security system, or audio-video systems; everything can be controlled from one centralized platform using a smartphone, tablet, or sleek wall touchscreen.

Indoor and Outdoor Ambiance

Lighting is the central element for enhancing the aesthetics of a place - inside and out. With the Lutron lighting system, your home’s interior and exterior will get the ultimate transformation. 

In indoor spaces, ambient lighting sets the mood, making your home seem more welcoming and warm. Accent lighting, on the other hand, brings out the best features of your home and highlights all the artwork, enhancing the beauty and design of your luxury space. 

Even though Lutron does not offer landscape lighting at this time, the Lutron HomeWorks platform can control them. Not only can you program your lights to turn on and off at particular times, but you can set scenes for specific events - colorful lights on the patio for outdoor parties or soft purple hues for quiet evenings outside. 

Increased Privacy and Security

Add more privacy and security to your home. In the evening, program your motorized shades to rise automatically or simply press one button to operate them. With the “Away” mode, the lights and shades automatically turn off and on at random intervals to make it seem like you’re home. In addition, you can control your shades and lights remotely and from miles away - just another added convenience of a Lutron whole-home system. 

Are you ready to experience a true sense of luxury? Work with Home Theater of Long Island for seamless integration of your home control system. We are certified dealers of Lutron and understand how the system works inside and out. Call 516-365-HIFI to get started. You can also reach out by filling out an easy online contact form for more details.