Extend Your Living Space with Stunning Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Defy the Elements with Coastal Source Lighting Designed for the Great Outdoors

Extend Your Living Space with Stunning Outdoor Landscape Lighting

It's that time when we’re blessed with long days and warm evenings under the stars. Family members and friends gather in outdoor spaces around fire pits and pools, enjoying good company and al-fresco dinners. Are your outdoor entertainment areas all you’ve imagined? If not, now’s the time to consider an upgrade. 

Landscape lighting systems are one way that you can extend your living space and keep your outdoor guests engaged long into the night. Let’s take a look at the different types of outdoor lighting and how it’s transforming patios and backyards in Oyster Bay, NY and beyond.

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The Latest Technology in Outdoor Lighting

Home Theater of Long Island uses the latest technology to deliver customized outdoor lighting solutions and home automation. Today, the shift to LED lighting offers tremendous opportunities for homeowners. These systems can last decades and create lighting scenes that softly illuminate while enhancing dining or outdoor movie nights. 

Perfect lighting can turn a backyard into an enchanting oasis, perfect for any homeowner’s unique lifestyle. Some want to create peaceful retreats, while others choose a party atmosphere. Our lighting team takes the time to understand your needs and vision before setting out to transform your property. We partner with best-in-class brands, and in the world of landscape lighting, that brand is Coastal Source.

Designed for Ocean Living 

Coastal Source offers an extensive range of cutting-edge products. While other outdoor lighting fixtures may quickly corrode due to our area's harsh, salty ocean air, Coastal Source makes every piece of equipment, including nuts and bolts, with brass. Weatherproof and non-corrosive materials can withstand severe storms while simultaneously illuminating pathways and piers. 

Plus, focal points like your favorite flowerbeds, trees, fountains, and architectural elements of your home look gorgeous with dramatic highlights expertly placed throughout your outdoor spaces.

Lighting Fixtures for Every Environment

Coastal Source offers an extensive array of fixtures. A few of these include bullet lights, which are perfect for highlighting architectural details and landscaped areas of your yard. Tree lights allow for dramatic down-lighting effects with a touch of whimsy. Path lights offer safety and style, and they can be outfitted with motion sensors that light up as someone makes their way down the trail. Unique flex niche lights are micro-sized and easy to conceal while they provide high-powered focused lighting. 

For modern homes, match lights blend in seamlessly with the existing aesthetic, and wash lights bring diffused light to walls, gardens, and gathering areas. Piling and post lights are ideal for extended docks and waterfront lighting. For a beautiful underwater effect, fish-attracting lights create a luminous glow in blue, green, or white. Coastal Source’s tiki lights provide a tropical accent that’s perfect for the edges of decks and docks.

When integrated with your home automation system, your lighting, entertainment, climate control, and security are all managed using one user-friendly platform, allowing for one-touch control on touchscreens, remotes, and smartphone apps.

Your Landscape Lighting Partner

At Home Theater of Long Island, we consider great, customized outdoor lighting an art form. We’ll focus on your property’s strengths and help you create an area that provides exciting entertainment and fun for decades. 

To learn more or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Home Theater of Long Island today. 

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