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Savant Shades: The Pinnacle of Luxury Living

Discover the Beauty and Convenience of Automated Shades

Savant Shades: The Pinnacle of Luxury Living

As a homeowner in Nassau County, NY, you want to experience the best entertainment and aesthetics while feeling safe and secure in your luxury home. A Savant smart home offers this and more, with state-of-the-art security, stunning home theaters, illumination that mimics sunlight, and high-fidelity music in every room.

However, there is one smart home integration feature you may be missing out on that provides the ultimate convenience, safety, and comfort. Automated shades manage daylight and privacy with one touch or voice command, letting you simultaneously adjust one or every shade. This extreme convenience is why this smart home feature is one of the most requested by designers, homeowners, and architects. 

Recently, Savant, the industry leader in luxury home automation, came out with their expanded line of Inception shades designed by J Geiger. These shades are unlike anything else in this category, providing custom-built, architecturally designed, exposed roller shades for quintessential luxury living.

Let's explore their many features and why more homeowners embrace Savant shades.

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Shades Designed by J Geiger

J Geiger is known as a refined shading pioneer, launching custom-designed exposed shading systems that define the sleek and stylized look of today's homes. Their Inception shades feature a striking minimalist profile without an unsightly fascia or valance. You can select from over 600 designer fabrics, ensuring the ideal aesthetics for your home. 

A wide range of opacities offers the ideal level of light and privacy in every room. Fabrics composed of sheer weave let in the diffuse light of the sun while retaining your beautiful views. Blackout shades are ideal in media rooms and bedrooms, areas that benefit from blocking any light from entering the room.

Automated to Suit Your Lifestyle

At Home Theater of Long Island, our automation experts use sensors and scheduling to program your shades to operate efficiently and beautifully. They let in the first morning light, programmed to rise as the sun peaks over the horizon. They adjust throughout the day according to a room's temperature and the sun's position, and they close when you leave your home or press the 'Movie Night' icon on a touchscreen.

Essentially, we'll program them to fit your lifestyle. For some, that means raising right before sunset and lowering after dusk, while others want to retain views of their stunning landscape lighting throughout the night. 

Features for Effortless Integration

These meticulously crafted shades seamlessly incorporate into the Savant home automation system, allowing complete control and integration with your smart home. Because they come in wired and wireless solutions, they're ideal for retrofits and new builds. Custom-designed, they fit your windows with exacting standards. Simple, elegant, and quiet, they elevate your home's design while providing privacy. 

These shades create a space where the diffuse light of the sun provides a sense of tranquility and comfort while enhancing your family's well-being. In the process, they protect your furniture, floors, artwork, and photographs from the damage caused by the sun's UV rays.

And we've only scratched the surface.

To discover the benefits and features of Savant shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Home Theater of Long Island today.