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Say Goodbye to Manually Operated Window Blinds

3 Reasons Why Upgrading to Lutron Motorized Shades Is a Good Choice

Say Goodbye to Manually Operated Window Blinds

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a house a home, such as the right wall paint color, a beautiful throw rug, orelegant home décor. They may not be room elements a guest notices at first, but they add ambiance to your space at a subconscious level. Nothing is truer thanfor your window treatments. After all, they’re right in front of you when you step into a room. The design and functionality of your blinds make all the difference when it comes to your luxury and convenience.

Right now, you probably have manually operated blinds.Ask yourself this: “Are they adding to or detracting frommyroom’s décor? And do they add more luxury to my daily lifestyle?” In this blog, we’ll highlight three reasons why upgrading to motorized blinds is the perfect choice for your home in Garden City, NY. 

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1. Seamless Control

How many times a day do you open and close your blinds? Chances are it’s at least two times. But that’s just one window. How many windows do you have in your house? A lot! At the same time, you may have hard-to-reach windows that make it a challenge to operate the blinds. Motorized blinds by Lutron solve all these problems. By pressing a button or tapping an icon on your smart home tablet, your blinds lower, raise and adjust at your command. 

Control one blind, the blinds in one room, or all the window treatments in your home – seamlessly! No more maneuvering around furniture or using stepstools. Lutron’s smart blinds make it easy for everyone to have complete control of the natural light in a room. Best of all, they operate quietly. Sleek, seamless, and virtually silent!

2. Room Enhancing 

Lutron motorized blindsfocus on form as well as function.That is, they aren’t simply easy to control; they also elevate the ambiance of any room. For instance, Lutron’s horizontal sheer blinds provide a soft elegance, which allows the perfect amount of filtered light into a room. Yet, they ensure a level of privacy you need. Even though you can open and close the blinds,the sheer outer layers remain constant, diffusing views to your home’sinterior. Choose from many fabrics and filtering options to complement your design motif.

There’s something about handcrafted wood blinds that take your home décor to a whole new level. Lutron’s smart wood blinds by Serena offer a timeless and elegant lookwhile using groundbreakinglighting control technology. Push a button or use voice control to adjust them according to your preferences. They are available in several stained finishes, paint colors, and valance styles. 

 3. Hands-Free Operation 

Smart control of your blinds is a beneficial and futuristic feature. Still, it gets even better. Maybe you want yoursmart window treatments to think for themselves. You’re in luck! That’s why they call them smart. Lutron’s motorized blinds allow time-of-day programming and much more. Schedule them to operate based on the time of day, sunrise and sunset, and even the days of the week.

In the morning, your blinds adjust to introduce the morning sun to your room – casting a warm light that eases you into the dayDuring the evening, as the sun sets, your shades lower – adding more privacy to your interior spacesAlso, if you’re going on vacation, you can program them to operate on their own for home securitygiving your home the appearance of occupancyBesides programming your blinds, you won’t lift a finger to control themIt doesn’t get any better than that! 


Add a level of luxury and convenience to your life with motorized shades by Lutron. Schedule a consultation by calling Home Theater of Long Island or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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