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Simple Security with One-Touch Controls

Just Use an App to Access Your Home Security System

Simple Security with One-Touch Controls

In 2020, you’re probably not living without a smartphone. The same device you use to read this can also browse the internet, order takeout, connect to social media, and even play games. And it can also control your home security system. In this blog, we'll show you how to get the most out of your Garden City, NY security technology – and all you’ll need is your smartphone. Ready to learn more? Keep reading on below.

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Stream Video Anywhere

You likely already know that you can stream TV shows and movies using the Hulu or Netflix apps. Wherever you go, you can watch your favorite episodes of the most popular TV shows on a five-inch screen.

And you can also stream real-time, HD security footage. Thanks to smart security camera integration with a connect app, you can keep your eyes on what's occurring in and around your property. And you can do it from anywhere, just by looking at your smartphone.

With one-button press, you'll stream video and adjust the settings on your mounted camera. Depending on the system's features, you can view in-night vision, see in 360-degrees, or adapt the unit with pan-tilt-zoom features.

Control Access

Answering the door is a hassle, especially in this age of social distancing. You can use your smart security app to let trusted friends and neighbors into your home when necessary.

For example, your deliveries don't have to sit on your doorstep for all the neighborhood to see. Instead, let the carrier drop the package within the gate or in an accessible enclosure. When they approach the door, answer, and communicate via your phone. Disengage the appropriate lock remotely and re-enable it as soon as they're done.

Push Notifications

When an alarm goes off in the middle of the night, and you're not there to deal with it. Thanks to your smart security app, you can avoid waking the neighborhood with instant push notifications on your smartphone.

When a sensor triggers or an alarm sounds, you’re notified and can make adjustments remotely. That way, you’re always in control of what’s going on at home.

Getting more out of your home security doesn't mean adding complicated technology. Smart security systems are built with the user in mind and can help you protect your property and your family with easy-to-use controls and more.

Want to learn more about how a single app can simplify your smart home security? Click here to get started.

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