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Sony’s Native 4K Laser Projectors Bring Movies to Life

Upgrade to an Exceptional Movie Viewing Experience with the Latest 4K Laser Projectors

Sony’s Native 4K Laser Projectors Bring Movies to Life

Whether dreaming about your first home theater or upgrading your existing one, you've undoubtedly considered the big screen or large TV display that brings the images to life. With the latest technology, homeowners can experience the same immersive cinematic environment once found only in the best movie theaters. 

At Home Theater of Long Island, we’ve been helping homeowners in Old Brookville, NY, and the surrounding areas create the home theater of their dreams since 2006. One of the brands we partner with, Sony, introduced three new Native 4K HDR laser home cinema projectors to the market in 2022, delivering an unmatched experience on the large screen. 

Let’s explore what a laser projector offers and how they’ve taken home cinema to the next level.

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What Is a Native 4K Projector?

Resolution is the number of pixels used to create an image and determines its clarity. A native or true 4K projector displays over 8 million pixels. While other 4K projectors rely on a 1080p chip and pixel-shifting, a native 4K projector contains a true 4K chip that processes UHD images directly. What that means to your home theater is stunning images, unsurpassed color accuracy and contrast, and unrivaled sharpness. In essence, an exceptional viewing experience.  

The Details

Each of Sony’s three projectors offer 4K resolution images with 8.3 million pixels, producing an immersive, lifelike picture, bright and clear motion, as well as breathtaking colors, tones, and textures.  

These three laser projectors also use Sony’s X1 Ultimate, the brand's most powerful video processor once reserved for its flagship 4K projector. This processor enables Dynamic HDR enhancer and Object-based Super Resolution, features that improve the contrast and allow for real-time picture processing.

The projector offering the highest performance, the VPL-XW7000ES, also comes equipped with a Live Color Enhancer, technology that further improves the already vibrant images. It also contains an advanced crisp focus lens that provides corner-to-corner clarity across the entire screen. 

As you can tell, we’re somewhat excited about Sony’s latest projectors. It’s been our immense pleasure watching technology advance over the years, transforming the possibilities in today’s home theaters. When you add Dolby Atmos surround sound, beautiful acoustic paneling, and plush, comfortable sectionals or tiered recliners, you can genuinely experience a better cinematic moment in your own home than in a commercial movie theater. 

At Home Theater of Long Island, our team is made up of audio, video, and home automation experts, utilizing their decades of experience to bring your dream home theater to life. Our ultimate goal? To exceed your highest expectations every time. To learn more about the latest technology for home theaters or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Home Theater of Long Island today.