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The Day-to-Day Benefits of Smart Home Automation

Discover How a Smart Home Improves Your Comfort and Way of Life

The Day-to-Day Benefits of Smart Home Automation

It’s hard to know what you’re missing unless you know where to look. That is certainly the case with the smart home industry. Most homeowners don’t realize all the ways smart home automation could improve their lives. That’s because they aren’t aware of the latest smart technologies on the market. Instead, they may feel like they are living the “high life” if they have a smart video doorbell or lighting system they can control remotely.

Both of those are great ways to start! But if you really want to live in the lap of luxury, you need to expand your horizons. A Savant smart home encompasses nearly every aspect of your life – from home entertainment and security to lighting, shades, and even climate. Keep reading to see how having a smart home in New YorkNY dramatically improves your day-to-day. 

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Seamless Control of Your Home’s  Technologies

We have smartphones, smart cars, and super-smart computers. So, why shouldn’t your home be just as smart? Fortunately, it is! A Savant system gives you complete and seamless access to all the connected technologies in your home. Using your touchpad or smartphone app, you control everything by tapping a button. Smart home automation systemsare more streamlined, intuitive, and smarter than ever beforeIn fact, Savant even integrates with voice assistants (such as Alexa), so you can control your smart home with your voice! 

Today’s smart home systems and smart products offer a better way to live by interfacing beautifully with your home and lifestyleThis is day-to-day living like you’ve never experienced. Your home obeys your every command. In fact, it even thinks for you. For instance, when it detects you’ve arrived home for the day, it can turn on the lights, lower the motorized shades, and start your favorite playlist on your whole-home audio system. Some of the devices that can be integrated into a Savant system include: 

  • Indoor Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting 
  • Motorized Shades
  • Home Theaters
  • Media Rooms
  • Multi-Room Audio
  • Outdoor AV
  • Security Systems
  • Doors & Locks
  • Intercoms
  • Climate Control Systems
  • Smart Appliances 

Programmable Scenes for Luxurious Living 

Living in our modern world, we enjoy customization – even expect it! If you’re a luxury homeowner, then it’s what opulent living is all about. Make your home a posh private paradise that responds to your every needSmart home technology allows you to create a space that caters to your ultimate comfort. Everything is programmable. 

For example, if you enjoy a certain atmosphere in your home theater when watching a movie, set up the scene in advance. When it’s time for the film, tap “Movie Night” on your tablet, and the lights, shades, AV system, and climate all adjust to your specifications. Do you want your home to wake you up in the morning? Set a scene for it. As the alarm clock goes off, your motorized shades rise to let in the warm morning sun while your home audio system plays your favorite songs to get you started for the day. 

Planning a party with a few friends? Program your outdoor AV system and landscape lighting to create the perfect environment. Tap “Outdoor Party” on your tablet or smartphone and prepare for an evening of music and good times. A Savant system can be programmed for all the moments in your life. 

Live a life of luxury with a smart home automation installation or upgrade. Call Home Theater of Long Island or complete our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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