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The Sweet Sound of a Whole-House Audio System

4 Reasons Why a Savant Music Server Is the Perfect Choice for Audiophiles

The Sweet Sound of a Whole-House Audio System

Fill your home with the sounds you love! And we’re not talking about music that is confined to a home theater, media room, or living room. Whether you’ve just begun your smart home journey, or you want to expand the reach of your home’s technologies, whole-house audio is the perfect next step. You can enjoy one-touch control of all your favorite songs while hearing them in any room in your house.

High-end multi-room speakers and the Savant media server make it all possible. Wherever you go in your Roslyn, NY, home, you’ll hear (and even feel) the highest quality music. Best of all, enjoy seamless command of your media collection as well as online streaming platforms. Keep reading to learn four reasons why a Savant media server is the right choice for music lovers.

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Music as Its Meant to Be Heard

First, in order to take advantage of the Savant media server, you need high-end speakers in your home. After all, you want to hear songs the way the artists intended – not compressed and distorted music that consumer-brand speakers produce. Trusted brands like Bowers & Wilkins and Sonance ensure an incredible audio experience that rivals even what you’d hear at a concert venue.

After your speakers are installed, you’ll use a smart tablet or smartphone to access your Savant media server (located in a discreet or hidden area of your home) to play the songs you love. Enjoy instant access to your stored music collection of high-fidelity content wherever you have in-wall, in-ceiling, or standing speakers in your home.

Different Playlists for Everyone

You want to listen to classic rock in your home theater, but not everyone is a fan of that genre. Instead, your kids want to hear Disney’s Frozen playlist. And your spouse may enjoy classical music. With Savant’s two- and five-stream media servers, you can play different music in multiple rooms simultaneously. No need to fight over a streaming channel. Savant makes whole-home audio more accessible and customizable than ever. Simply select the rooms and playlists from your mobile device, and you’ll make everyone in the family happy. Of course, you can also control the volume and a myriad of other features from your Savant tablet.

A Comprehensive Music Library

Listening to music isn’t always as seamless as you’d like. But with the Savant media server, it is! With Savant, you can access all your favorite streaming service from any location. Call up your favorite collection from Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, or Pandora. Whether you want to use your tablet or the Savant Pro App, the whole process of browsing for music is so easy. In addition, your media server can connect to a CD player, record player, or even a cassette player. Whatever media you want to hear, it’s all possible with Savant!

Simple yet Sophisticated Control

Not long ago, before remote control became popular, music listeners had to get up to change songs, adjust the volume, and EQ the system. Then came the remote! It made things so much easier. And yet, it got even better with smart home automation. A Savant tablet, app, or remote offers state-of-the-art audio control from your favorite seat or while you are walking around your house. In fact, you can speak to your mobile device to listen to playlists and recent selections. Just say, “Play ‘Abbey Road,’” and music from the Beatles fills your home. Savant offers a smart, seamless, and super fun way to enjoy music throughout the day.


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