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Transform Your Living Space with Savant Motorized Shades

A Simple yet Elegant Shading Solution That Is Automated for Your Lifestyle

Transform Your Living Space with Savant Motorized Shades

Are you in the mood for shade shopping? If you’re unsatisfied with your current window shades, then it’s time to open your eyes to the possibilities in window treatments – specifically, motorized shades. Much like the other smart technologies in your home, smart shades can be easily and remotely controlled with the tap of an icon on your tablet or smartphone app. Isn’t that better than manually raising, lowering, and adjusting them?

Better still, Savant motorized shades are modern, sleek, and custom designed to fit your windows exactly. Learn more about the many benefits and features of Savant shades by reading our article below.

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The Experience

The comfort of your home environment is all about user experience. If it’s difficult to operate your home security, manage multiple remotes for your entertainment system, or program your thermostat, it can make your day more frustrating. Fortunately, when you have a Savant smart home system, life is easier and more luxurious. And motorized shades play a big part in your comfort!

Simply by touching a button on your Savant Pro Remote X2 or using your smart device of choice, you can select the room where you want to control your shades and then adjust them accordingly. No need to follow complicated procedures, and you don’t need to get up to do it. Smart control allows your shades to operate quietly without hassle or distraction.

Do you want to make the process even easier? Program scenes for your Savant motorized shades, such as “Morning,” “Afternoon,” “Movie Night,” or “Bedtime.” Then when the time comes, press one button, and the motorized shades, smart lights, and home entertainment systems adjust to their pre-programmed settings. If you want to go completely hands-free, create a scene that automates your shades based on a schedule or light sensors.

The Ambiance

Remote control and automation aren’t the only impressive features of Savant shades. They also are custom designed to elevate your design motif. Available in an endless array of fabrics and colors, your new shades make a statement, blend in, or accent your room’s décor. Choose from a wide range of light transmission levels: sheer, translucent, room-darkening, blackout, and more.

For instance, blackout shades are ideal for the home theater because they create the cinematic ambiance you need for movie watching. Sheer shades help to diffuse light and provide views of your lawn and landscape even when closed. Translucent shades offer greater levels of privacy while still letting sunlight enter your rooms. In addition, the Savant shading system uses stylish hardware that is designed to be seen – with no unsightly wires, screws, or technology.


Find out how Savant shades elevate your home and your living experience. Call Home Theater of Long Island or use our online contact page to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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