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Looking for a Powerful and Invisible Whole-Home Audio System?

Sonance Offers the Perfect Solution for High-Quality, Immersive Audio

Looking for a Powerful and Invisible Whole-Home Audio System?

Not everything that shines is gold, and not all the best sounds come from the largest speakers. Sometimes, less is indeed more! Such is the case with whole-home audio systems, which often rely on in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and amplifiers to disappear into your home’s interior design. 

At Home Theater of Long Island, we partner with brands like Sonance to bring homeowners in Garden City, NY, the latest and most inconspicuous in smart AV system technology, enhancing the overall experience of their homes.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of a professionally installed whole-home audio system!

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Music Anywhere & Anytime

From the home office to the media room and everywhere in between, a whole-home audio system should be tailored to your home. Sometimes, that means not interfering with the existing decor. If you are in the kitchen, the bedroom, or even the backyard, floor-standing loudspeakers won’t cut it. With Sonance speakers and amplifiers, you get industry-leading sound quality in a small package designed to be installed flush against and disappear into walls and ceilings. 

Control Through Automation

Integrating your whole home audio system with an automation platform gives you unparalleled control over every speaker and smart device hiding in the walls. So sit back, relax, take out your phone, and tap away to create the perfect audio for any occasion. Once you find the right playlist, stream it to any room, the backyard, or across your home, and save any favorite settings for later use. With Sonance, integration is easy. For example, we could add voice control devices and smart lights to your home, and they could work with Sonance speakers for even more immersive experiences. 

Powerful, Invisible Beauty

Sonance hidden speakers are designed to blend with your home’s decor, eliminating the need for complex wiring and giving us plenty of flexibility throughout the design process. Do you have a backyard that could use a little music? We can install Wi-Fi access control points and speakers to seamlessly stream music outside. Is the media room in the middle of everything? We can work with that as well, and guests will only see a speaker once you play some music for them. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can rest easy knowing the design you love will remain intact! 

Whole-home audio is one of the most appealing features of top-performing smart homes, but like any complex system, it may not be best to install it on your own. At Home Theater of Long Island, we can help. Contact us—our team of experts is just a phone tap away!