A High-End Audio System Lets You Hear More of the Music

Speakers from Bryston and Lyngdorf Offer Superior Audio Reproduction for Your Home

A High-End Audio System Lets You Hear More of the Music

Music is an innate part of our biology, found in all human cultures. Research shows that the act of listening to music stimulates nearly all areas of the brain. The regions most affected are those associated with logic, language, pleasure, and the production of dopamine.

With the deep connection we hold with music, your home deserves high-end audio systems which respect this emotional relationship. So, whether you are entranced by a movie in your private cinema, playing songs throughout the house, or nestled in a listening room, you want speakers that deliver sonically accurate audio. Bryston and Lyngdorf design systems for luxury homes like yours to furnish audiophile quality in nearly any environment. 

Are you intrigued by how quality audio speakers can change the way you hear music and movies in your Watermill, NY smart home? Continue reading to learn more.

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The Music Will Move You

Music is the soundtrack to your daily activities; it creates a vital vibrancy and keeps you moving throughout the day. Send songs to the whole house or just a few rooms; you set the ambience and mood with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. Add some spice to the backyard barbeque or unwind from a hard day in your den; where the music moves you is your decision.

Lyngdorf Audio as a name came to life in 1996, but the founder, Peter Lyngdorf's high-fidelity roots of enthusiasm and innovations, go back to the 1970s. Regardless of your musical tastes or the environment the speakers and amplifiers are placed in, you experience superior sonics. The technology behind the digital amplifiers and RoomPerfect correction algorithms leave you suspended in pure audio delight with every listen. In addition, the Model D music system is the only product to earn Steinway & Son's certification by reproducing the sound of their grand piano flawlessly.

More Immersive Movies

The legendary director Alfred Hitchcock once said that a great movie storyline should be understood without sound. While this fact of cinema may be valid, a truly immersive experience is created by the audio. Surround sound’s multidimensional field places dialogue, ambient sound, and effects where our brains expect them. This mixture of conscience and subtle nuance blurs the line between reality and the action on the screen.

Bryston's 35 years of design and manufacturing result in products that follow the tradition of artisans and hand craftsmanship. Whether it is the smallest components or the speaker cabinets, each piece is hand-selected, with every wire cut and soldered by expert hands. As a result, the products are often lauded for their ability to create a sound field that feels larger than the modest dimensions would initially suggest. From stereo to cinema, the surprisingly dynamic speakers produce nuanced audio that easily accommodates a variety of rooms and formats.

A Better Sounding Home

Make the most of your music and movies with superior sound reproduction over high-end audio systems. Are you ready to hear what you have been missing? Call us at 516-365-4434 or fill out our questionnaire to get the conversation started.

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