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Hidden Speakers (and More) Won't Disrupt the Flow of Your Rooms.

Stylish technology works with your interior design, not against it.

Hidden Speakers (and More) Won't Disrupt the Flow of Your Rooms.

Adding technology to your Roslyn, NY, might seem daunting. You don't want a bunch of clunky devices cluttering up your rooms. Thankfully, integrated technology is built to work within your lifestyle. From hidden speakers to short-throw projectors, today’s AV systems are not what they used to be. Want to learn how you can install technology that won’t ruin your aesthetics? Keep reading.


Short-Throw Projectors

Projectors need to hang from the ceiling in the center of the room to make that big picture.  Hide it with motorized lifts that recess into the ceiling when you're not using it. But some users resist the idea of intricate mechanics built into the ceiling. However, there's another option.  

These days, take advantage of impeccably designed short-throw units. Short-throw projectors sit just inches from the wall but offer full 4K, HDR images up to 120-inches large. High-end models use intricately designed cabinetry, so they're as much a piece of furniture as they are a functional display. 

For instance, Epson’s latest models feature an exclusively designed cabinet, making it easy to design around and a stylish accent for your home.

Wireless Audio

Don’t settle for Sonos bookshelf speakers for your wireless audio needs. Instead, invest in something that looks as good as it sounds with Bowers & Wilkins’ Formation Suite.

With beautiful cabinetry, the Formation Suite is built to be seen and heard. B&W's step into wireless audio evokes modern art pieces as much as they do audio components by accentuating sharp angles and bold black and chrome coloring.

The benefits of a wireless system speak for themselves. Because there are no ugly wires to connect the components to the network, there are more placement options, giving you more freedom.

Hidden Components

Don't let your AV be the centerpiece. Instead, hide your components. In-wall speakers blend into the surrounding room, so they don't clutter. And our audio expertise guarantees incredible playback with no hot spots.

Additionally, our professional cabling and racking techniques simplify the removal of wires and other unsightly aspects. Our sources are always neatly stored in an out-of-the-way space for convenience and beauty.

Want to work with a partner that understands the intersection of design and technology? We’re here to help!

If you’re ready to simplify your home with smart technology, click here or give us a call at 516-365-HiFi.

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