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Add a Home Alarm System for Complete Security

Protect Your Home from All Kinds of Threats with Smart Alarms

Add a Home Alarm System for Complete Security

With the advancements in technology over the past couple decades, home security solutions have evolved considerably. Standard security technologies are no longer sufficient when it comes to protecting homes from internal and external threats. 

That’s why smart alarm systems are gaining rapid popularity among homeowners. A modern home alarm system considers your lifestyle and bolsters your home with an extra layer of security to ensure your property and loved ones stay safe. 

Read on to learn more about smart alarms and how they can protect your home in New York, NY. 


What Is a Smart Alarm? 

Smart alarm systems are far more advanced than traditional solutions, allowing users to arm and disarm the system remotely with a single button press. So, you can stay in complete control of home security no matter where you are.

Perhaps the most convenient feature is that these systems send immediate notifications to all connected devices when the system activates, meaning you don’t have to wait until you arrive home to find that it’s been triggered. The security alert will let you know in advance, so you can take appropriate action right away. 

Features of Smart Alarms

Let’s look at some of its features of smart alarms: 

Sensor-Based Technology 

Smart alarms are equipped with several different types of sensors to ensure your home is equipped with advanced security. Motion sensors can detect movements in closed-off areas, but you can also add pet sensors, so Fido doesn’t accidentally trigger the alarm while on his morning run. 

Besides protecting you from potential trespassers, vandalizers, and thieves, smart alarms also offer security from internal threats, such as gas and water leaks. Its smoke detectors can alert you of potential fires, and the water leak detectors can prevent your home from any water damage by notifying you early on. 

Seamless Integration with Other Devices

Smart alarms can seamlessly connect to other home security features. For example, alarm and surveillance systems can be streamlined into one system. When the alarm system goes off, pull up surveillance footage to find the root cause. It also works in reverse. If you spot any suspicious activity when remotely viewing your home, trigger the alarm with a button press. 

You can even connect the alarm to smart lighting, meaning that whenever the alarm system sounds, the lights turn on immediately, so surveillance footage catches a clear view of the suspect.

Smart alarms give you peace of mind that your New York, NY, home and family are safe. At Home Theater of Long Island, we work with the latest home security brands to ensure you get outstanding results. Secure your property with a home alarm system today by calling 516-365-HIFI or filling out our easy online contact form.