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How Smart Lighting Adds Beauty While Reducing Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Transform Your Home with Smart Lighting Control Systems

How Smart Lighting Adds Beauty While Reducing Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Great lighting can transform a home. With just the right hue, intensity, and placement, it creates the ideal balance of light and shade, drawing attention to the most impressive architectural designs.

Brighter, blue-toned lights help retain your focus, while soft, warm red hues help you relax. Good lighting creates an atmosphere in a room. Great lighting compels you to stop and stare for a few minutes, taking in all the beauty and ambiance.

As Edward P. Bartholomew, professor of architecture, stated, “Light should not interpret architecture; it must transform it.”

Today’s smart lighting control systems make it easy to change the lighting in your Brookville, NY home with the touch of a button. You now have a myriad of colors to choose from and lighting that automatically changes throughout the day. In the process, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and conserving energy.

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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Harvesting daylight and using artificial light sparingly is making headlines as a way to conserve energy while creating a beautiful atmosphere. Today’s smart lighting technology can detect the levels of sunlight filtering through a home and adjust accordingly. It can also see if a room is occupied, changing lights where needed and turning off lights when no one is present.

Conserving Energy

Today’s Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are much more energy-efficient and have a longer life than incandescent light bulbs. In addition, they use half to a tenth of energy, resulting in 50-90% greater efficiency.

Homeowners not only save money but reduce carbon emissions by lowering the needed power to generate the same amount of lighting. They last up to 50 times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs and produce very little heat.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, by 2035, 84% of all lighting installations will be comprised of LED lights. This will result in an estimated energy savings equal to the annual output of more than 92 (1000-MW) power plants. In 2017 alone, consumers saved $12 billion by using LED lighting.

Dimmers also effectively reduce energy usage. In addition to creating the right ambiance for every occasion, using a dimmer automatically saves 4-9% electricity. For example, diming a halogen light source by 35% reduces your energy usage by 28%.

The Artists Pallett

In addition to conserving energy, full-spectrum LED lighting comes in millions of colors – all the hues on the visible light spectrum. Once you’ve determined the lighting you like best for every event, we'll program the system to set the lights based on the function automatically.

Total Control

Smart lighting control enables homeowners to control their lights with one touch on an elegant, customized in-wall keypad, intuitive touchscreen panel, tablet, or smartphone. We’ll set scenes that align with your lifestyle, making it effortless.

For example, the "Entertainment" button may dim the lights 50% and illuminate them in a soft, golden glow. The whole-home audio system streams your entertainment playlist, while the landscape lighting transforms your outdoor space into an enchanting gathering spot. We can even program some of your lights to sync with the music or change from pastels to saturated colors throughout the evening.

As your smart home learns more about your preferences, it will also set the lights accordingly throughout the day, adjusting to different hues and intensities as the sunlight filters through and then fades.


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