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Lutron Brings Safety, Security, and Beauty to Your Home

The Power of Lutron’s Smart Lighting Control

Lutron Brings Safety, Security, and Beauty to Your Home

Since the 1950s, Lutron has been at the leading edge of technology-driven advancements in lighting and shading. From creating the first solid-state dimmer to the first self-contained preset lighting control system, their innovations and numerous patents span the globe. Today, you can find their lighting solutions worldwide, from the 52-story New York Times Building to the Guggenheim Museum in Spain. 

Let’s look at what Lutron’s smart lighting control can do for your home in Sands Point, NY. 

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In 2018, Lutron acquired Ketra, another innovative lighting company known for transforming LED lighting and creating the most accurate natural light that mimics sunlight. Now, we can set your lights to automatically adjust throughout the day, mimicking the first early rays of the sun when you awake to the warm, red hues of the sun at the end of the day as it descends.

Of course, together, these pioneering lighting companies can do much more than that. You can control the intensity, color, and temperature of up to 200 light sources with just one touch. Color temperature is the coolness or warmth of light. 

For example, candlelight is a very warm, yellow-orange color. Mid-day, the sun gives off more of a cool, blue tone. With Lutron lighting control, you can choose from any color of light within the visible light spectrum – all the colors of the rainbow in their many different hues and intensities. 

We can tune the light to complement your artwork, accent a wall, or create a specific ambiance and mood. For instance, if you’d like your home and yard awash in the color of candlelight for dinner gatherings, we’ll set a scene to accommodate. Or, perhaps you’d like a cool arctic blue to filter through your living room. One is limited only by their imagination. 


When coming home from work after a long day or arriving at night after a business trip, it's nice to be greeted by a well-lit home. Unfortunately, while you can set the lights to come on at a pre-set time, it's often difficult to know just when you'll be arriving – life often changes our best-laid plans at the last minute. 

Lutron’s smart lighting offers geofencing, controlling your lights based on your location. For example, before you pull into your driveway, the patio, foyer, and kitchen lights will be on, and the landscape lights will illuminate a trail to your door. When you leave for the day, the same lighting system will ensure all your lights are off. 


If you spend much time away from home on weekend outings, business trips, or extended vacations, it's nice to know your home appears occupied. Lutron accomplishes this with its Smart Away feature. 

This powerful intruder deterrent turns your lights on and off throughout the day while lowering and opening your shades, making it look as if you're home. We can also program it with your audio-video system, turning on your favorite playlist or TV series throughout the night and maintaining the illusion of someone's presence. 


When combined with your Savant home automation system, you experience unparalleled ease of living that defines luxury. One touch on your tablet, in-wall touchscreen, smartphone, or hand-held remote, and your lighting, climate, shades, and music adjust to pre-set scenes.

Home Theater of Long Island is a CEDIA award-winning company with decades of experience in smart home automation. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations every time, and our team of experienced project managers and certified technicians ensure we do. To learn more about what Lutron lighting and smart home automation can do for you or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Home Theater of Long Island today.

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