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The Latest Shading Control Solutions

Automated Shades Bring in Diffuse Sunlight Throughout the Day

The Latest Shading Control Solutions

It seems that smart home technology advances on an almost daily basis. What started as window coverings that could easily be controlled with the touch of a button morphed into pre-set scenes, automated shading control solutions that adjusted blinds and shades based on an activity or time of day. For example, touch the Good Night scene on the in-wall touchscreen or handheld remote, and the shades automatically lowered, the lights dimmed, and the security armed.

Today, motorized window coverings also offer automated control as they adjust throughout the day, on their own, based on the sun’s position. The effect is beautiful filtered light that transforms a living space while protecting valuables from the sun’s UV rays. Read on to learn what this type of shade control can do for your Glen Head, NY, home.

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Lutron’s Smart Window Coverings

Lutron, globally recognized as the technology-centered premier lighting and window shade solution company, now offers window coverings that automatically adjust throughout the day. Hyperion solar-adaptive shading software manipulates shades based on the changing position of the sun.

This adaptive technology works by utilizing information such as the home's GPS and facade orientation. The result is reduced glare, a beautiful view, maximized daylight, and preserving a home's furniture, artwork, and flooring from the adverse effects of direct sunlight.

Shading Systems That Save Energy

Daylight autonomy emphasizes sustainability and uses daylight to enhance a living space while minimizing the need for electric light. Radio window sensors work in conjunction with the solar-adaptive technology to detect cloudy and sunny weather conditions.

Additionally, the system takes advantage of southern facing windows based on the time of year. In winter, the shades open to let the warming sun in. In Summer, the shades lower to block the solar heat and reduce the costs of cooling your home.

Beauty and Ambiance

Lutron has hundreds of different styles and fabrics to choose from. Fortunately, they’ve made the selection process a little easier with their Fabric Collections Resource. Browse through their fabric selections based on opacity level, material, color, or pattern.

Your designer or architect can also use their Performance Shading Advisor to suggest fabrics that add to the design aesthetics while maximizing performance based on a home’s unique setting and architectural elements. Evaluate materials based on glare reduction, daylight autonomy, and view preservation.

The Combined Ease of Lutron and a Savant Smart Home System

Savant, the leading personalized home automation system for luxury homes, integrates seamlessly with Lutron's shades. The company also offers its own line of modern, elegant shades produced with a range of light transmission levels and made from hundreds of designer fabrics.

Use the intuitive Savant Pro App to control shades with the touch of a button or a voice command. Pre-set scenes can be scheduled for energy efficiency or to create a specific mood. The entertainment scene automatically adjusts the shades to maximize the view of the beautiful landscape lighting while setting the lights to the perfect hue, igniting the gas fireplace, and turning on the whole-home audio to your entertainment playlist.

At Home Theater of Long Island, we understand that the constantly changing technology found in home automation solutions can be a little overwhelming. We take the time to discuss your lifestyle and determine the best solutions for your home and family.

Once you experience the world of automated window coverings, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. To learn more about smart home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Home Theater of Long Island today.

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