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4 Reasons You Need a Sony Projector in Your Home Theater

Experience Movies Like Never Before with a Better, Brighter, Larger Screen

4 Reasons You Need a Sony Projector in Your Home Theater

When designing a home theater, the big decision homeowners need to consider is the type of display they want. TVs are more advanced than ever, but a projector feels more true to a cinematic watching experience. With Sony’s premium projector lineup, deciding between a TV or projector is easier than ever. Sony projectors give all the brightness and image quality of a 4K TV on a larger-than-life screen. Keep reading to see what a Sony projector can bring to your New York, NY, home theater.

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1. Entertainment in 4K

If you’re tempted by the precise details of a 4K TV, then you’ll be happy to know that Sony’s projectors also stream in 4K. Thousands of pixels will highlight every detail in the picture. It will also provide a deep contrast to highlight the difference in colors for a pleasing image.

2. Enjoy Movies on the Big Screen

Part of the magic of movie theaters is simply how large the screen is. TVs may have beautiful images, but they can’t rival the sheer size of a projector and screen. Projectors easily provide the same quality picture on a much larger screen that will feel fully immersive. With a Sony projector, you can watch your favorite movies on a cinematic big screen up to 150 inches or larger!

3. Easier on the Eyes

TVs display images by emitting light. Projectors show images by reflecting light off a screen. Since they aren’t actively emitting light, they are much easier on the eyes. This will make it easier to sit and watch movies all day long without getting a headache or eye pain that sitting in front of a TV can cause. 

4. Best Image Quality Possible

Sony projectors aren’t just high-definition; they also work to ensure you have the best image possible. While watching a movie, projectors like the VPL-XW7000ES have two processors working in tandem to enhance the picture. One reduces on-screen noise to provide crisp details, while the other upscales the image quality. 

5. Brighter and More Vibrant

Projectors of the past struggled to create as bright an image as televisions. But Sony projectors have a high-lumen laser light source, which creates a far brighter and more vibrant picture, rivaling even the best of TVs. The VPL-GTZ380 has a 10,000-lumen light source for bright and vibrant colors and deep blacks that will truly amaze you.

With a Sony projector, your home theater will do more than recreate a movie theater experience. It will provide the best cinematic experience possible. You’ll be astounded by the crisp details, bright colors, and deep contrast, all on a larger-than-life screen. 

If you want to get started building a home theater or want to add a Sony projector to your current theater, contact Home Theater of Long Island today! We’ll help you choose a projector and projection screen that fits your space in New York, NY, and you’ll be on your way to experience a one-of-a-kind watching experience.