Advanced IC Realtime Security Solutions for Your Home

Update Your Home Surveillance System with These Futuristic Product

Advanced IC Realtime Security Solutions for Your Home

A smart home requires smart security solutions to ensure a safe property. From the pool deck and backyard to the front porch and interior rooms, every area of your home needs to be flawlessly monitored and protected from intruders. Today’s surveillance systems use advanced technologies that give you peace of mind and a home that is always secure.

IC Realtime is a leader in the design of state-of-the-art surveillance products. The company helps homeowners monitor all activities in and around their homes in real time. Best of all, an IC Realtime surveillance system integrates seamlessly with a smart home control system. So, you have complete access to everything, whether you’re at home or miles away.

Keep reading to see why you need IC Realtime products in your Syosset, NY, home.

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What’s So Special about IC Realtime Cameras?

New surveillance cameras are sleeker and smarter than ever before. These modern marvels are powered by artificial intelligence to include face and object recognition, full-color nighttime video, HD imaging, and so much more. In addition, they are virtually tamper-proof, so even tech-savvy thieves don’t stand a chance. Depending on the model, other features that come with an IC Realtime camera include thermal surveillance, two-way audio, long-range capabilities, and mobile alert features.

The Dash Product Line from IC Realtime

IC Realtime has a wide range of cameras, recorders, and accessories that help you create a robust home security system. One of their most recent product lines is the Dash system. Use the Dash app or your smart home system to access your cameras, security footage, and many other features. It’s an easy-to-operate system yet sophisticated and secure. Here are a few products from the Dash line.

Orbit Indoor Camera

The Orbit is a versatile camera that is perfect for hidden indoor security. Mount it on the ceiling or wall for 360-degree visibility of your room. You can also place it on a bookshelf or surface – anywhere you want. The camera will follow detected motion to lock on to any activities in your room. It works perfectly in the day and when it’s completely dark. Best of all, it provides 1080P HD-quality video as well as two-way audio. Nothing gets past these cameras!

The Flooder Camera

Protect your home with this exterior camera that also includes floodlights and a built-in siren. The high-definition camera delivers 1080P/2MP live video monitoring as well as playback from any mobile device or smart home automation system. When the cameras detect motion, bright LED floodlights turn on to capture any movement in living color. If that’s not enough, you can set up the cameras to play a loud siren (110dB) to scare away intruders.

The Dinger Video Doorbell

Who’s at the door? The Dinger video doorbell knows. In fact, you can see who it is no matter where you are – sitting in your home theater, working at the office, or vacationing in another part of the world. The Dash Dinger camera supports up to 1080P/2MP HD video with an incredibly wide field of view and infrared night-vision. The Dinger can stream video onsite or to a remote location for an unlimited record time. You can also store recorded footage using the SD card slot or Dash cloud service.


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