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Nothing Is Smarter Than an IC Realtime Surveillance System

Learn How Advanced Cameras, Recorders, and Remote Access Controls Dramatically Improve Home Security

Nothing Is Smarter Than an IC Realtime Surveillance System

An older security system doesn’t belong in a high-tech world. Installing one in your home is like locking the doors in your car but leaving the windows open. Today’s savvy thieves can easily bypass older home surveillance systems, sometimes just by cutting power to them. Protect your home and your family in Great Neck, NY, with smart surveillance systems from IC Realtime.

A global leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced visual surveillance products, IC Realtime offers surveillance solutions that integrate seamlessly with smart home control systems. So, you can monitor activities in real-time, whether you’re at home or miles away. Keep reading to learn more about their smart cameras, recorders, and remote access controls.

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720-Degree Cameras That Capture Everything

Not all security cameras are created equal. Some are much smarter than others. IC Realtime not only has 360-degree cameras that capture images all around them, but they also feature a dual-lens 720-degree camera. Nothing can hide from it! No blind spots! The cameras use gyroscopic movement technology to capture 360-degree by 360-degree videos. The result is a 3D-like experience that puts the viewer in the center of it all. Imagine how safe you’ll feel in your smart home with these cameras on your property.

The company also offers a wide range of other cameras, such as bullet and box cameras to keep an eye on other areas around your home. Best of all, because these cameras are integrated with your home automation system, you can see live footage right on your tablet or smartphone as well as control every aspect of your security system.

Video Recorders Powered by AI

In the past, you may have had to endure the frustrating and time-consuming experience of searching through security footage to locate an incident. That was then. The future is now, and things have changed! IC Realtime helps you find exactly what you want in seconds. The video surveillance search engine is powered by AI (artificial intelligence). So, much like doing a Google search, you simply type in a search term, and the system finds it.

For instance, you could type “package delivery on Tuesday.” The security system would then locate any relevant footage immediately. Or, maybe you suspect that someone has been snooping on your property. Search for “person in the yard.” Then all footage matching that keyword term or phrase will be displayed. You can even create alerts. When the system detects an alert, it sends a message to your phone, so you’re always in the loop.

Remote Access Control Wherever You Are

Whether you’re watching a movie in your home theater, working at the office, or vacationing miles away from your home, you can always monitor everything that’s happening on your property. IC Realtime’s surveillance system lets you view live and recorded footage – anytime and anywhere. If you have an internet connection, simply open your mobile app and check the surveillance cameras inside and outside your home. Control the cameras by zooming, panning, or tilting them as needed. And if you have smart locks and an intercom system, you can control those remotely as well.

Want to learn more about installing an IC Realtime system on your property? Call Home Theater of Long Island at (516) 365-HIFI, chat with us below, or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation.

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