Experience Unprecedented Ease of Living with Home Automation

A Savant Smart Home Defines Luxury and Simple Control

Experience Unprecedented Ease of Living with Home Automation

At Home Theater of Long Island, we provide the latest in home automation and entertainment, creating a home that offers incredible ease of living and enjoyment. Our clients in New York, NY, vary widely, with some living in country estates and others in penthouses. Some want the best home theater entertainment available, while others like the ease of living when their smart home performs daily tasks and prepares itself for them in advance. 

What all our clients have in common is the desire for easy-to-use technology. After all, who wants to experience today’s automation if it brings frustration instead of effortless living? That’s why we partner with Savant, a home automation platform that makes managing your smart home easy. Let’s explore the makings of a Savant smart home. 

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A Savant Smart Home

Savant was the first home automation platform that enabled homeowners to control their connected home systems and devices—including entertainment, lighting, security, and climate—from a smartphone app. From the beginning, Savant has focused on enabling intuitive control of luxury homes and yachts. One of their more newsworthy events came when Steve Jobs decided to manage his mega-yacht with the Savant app. 

Setting the Scene

A Savant smart home is controlled largely by scenes that enable you to manage multiple systems at once with the press of a button, creating a sequence of actions. For example, a “Goodnight” scene may lower the temperature, power off specific AV equipment, turn off the lights, lock the doors, and arm the security. If you’re leaving home for a few days, an “Away” scene turns on the landscape lights at night, activates the security system, and turns the indoor lights and TVs on and off throughout the evening, giving the appearance that someone is home. 

A Smart Home for Each Family Member

As you know, family members are unique individuals who often have far different preferences. No two listen to the same music, enjoy the same TV shows, or spend their time engaged in the same activities. That’s why Savant enables individual profiles, allowing each family member to set the stage for their unique lifestyle. 

One family member’s “Relaxing” scene may set the lighting to an amber hue in the media room and turn the display and surround sound to nature scenes and sounds. Another’s “Relaxing” scene may heat the spa, illuminate the landscape lights, and stream jazz through the outdoor area. 

Continual Advancements

Not one to rest on its laurels, Savant continues to advance and partner with companies, creating connected ecosystems once unimaginable. For example, Savant’s smart energy management enables complete control of your home’s energy grid, including off-grid energy independence using automatic generators, solar power, and battery storage systems. Through the Savant app, you control your power sources and every circuit in your home. 

Savant also excels in luxury entertainment. One of their many features includes IP Video Tiling, which provides up to nine video sources at the same time on a single screen. 

At Home Theater of Long Island, we provide simple control of integrated home automation. To learn more about smart home living or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Home Theater of Long Island today. 

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