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How Lutron HomeWorks Offers Seamless Light Control

3 Ways a Lutron Lighting Control System Enhances Your Home and Lifestyle

How Lutron HomeWorks Offers Seamless Light Control

Lutron offers so many ways to light up your life. The HomeWorks system not only gives you seamless control of the lights throughout your home, but it comes with a range of customizable wall keypads to complement your home’s design motif. Instead of a wall switch, you can go from ordinary to extraordinary with Alisse wall control.

It’s just another way Lutron strives to elevate the ambiance of your rooms with their lighting products. But the enjoyment doesn’t stop there. Keep reading to discover the benefits of using the HomeWorks lighting control system in your Manhasset, NY, home.

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A Bright Idea for Beautifying Your Home

Are you looking for a luxurious look in your rooms? Something as simple as the Alisse wall control panel is the perfect addition to your luxury home. Choose from a palette of genuine metal finishes, such as aged bronze, satin nickel, or matte black, to add exquisite appeal to your walls.

In addition, there are several button configurations available – from one to nine buttons per panel. Each one controls the lighting system for your rooms. Press it, and everything adjusts to your settings. Or, program several buttons on your panel to create different lighting scenes in one room with a single button press.

A Lighting Scene for Every Event

Standard light switches essentially have one function: to turn lights on and off. With a smart lighting system like Lutron HomeWorks, you can transform a space according to your mood, the task at hand, or an event (i.e., party, family dinner, or movie night). Your choices are endless. Set up and design any number of personalized lighting scenes to control and enjoy.

For instance, if it’s movie night in your multipurpose entertainment area, press a button as you enter the room to dim the lights automatically. You can even program the button to lower your motorized shades. If it’s time for entertaining friends, brighten up the space by pressing the “Entertainment” button. All the lights illuminate to the right settings to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere.

A Smart Way to Control Your Lights

The HomeWorks system doesn’t need to be confined to wall controls. In fact, with the HomeWorks app, you can also control the lights from your seat, another room, or around the world. Use your app, a smart home tablet, and even your voice to activate lighting in any area of your home. If you’re going to be home late for the evening, turn on the lights from your office location to create the appearance of occupancy.

Are your hands full as you walk through the door? Turn on your home’s lighting by speaking to it through Alexa, Google Assistant, or But it doesn’t stop there. HomeWorks also lets you control other aspects of your smart home – from the motorized shades to the indoor temperature and whole-home audio system.

Add more light, beauty, and luxury to your home with a Lutron lighting control system. Call Home Theater of Long Island, chat with us below, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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