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Improve Communication and Increase Sales With Business AV

Ensure Your Team and Clients Can See And Hear You For More Effective Presentations

Improve Communication and Increase Sales With Business AV

The last twelve months witnessed a scaled-back use of commercial office space and, with it, a curtailed use of conference rooms. As the country and companies begin to open, the need for central and comprehensive meeting space is returning. While it is clear that the remote work and hybrid models are to become a standard fixture, the office as we knew it still has relevance. 

An expertly designed boardroom AV system provides numerous advantages that help you communicate ideas with more presence and impact. These spaces can be full meeting rooms or more personal huddle spaces, regardless of the technology that ensures you can be seen and heard clearly is essential. 

Are you looking to install or upgrade your New York, NY commercial meeting spaces? Read more below to find out what we can do for you. 

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Communicate Without Worry

The purpose of any conference room is communication. The space’s purpose is to bring together creative minds to share ideas or solve problems. Even the best proposals or solutions will fall flat if your partners on the other end cannot see or hear you properly. Avoid having missed opportunities by improving the tools you use. 

The Significance of Sound

Quality audio is paramount; it imparts authority and confidence. Business studies have shown that clients and listeners will associate the individuals with the clearest voice and presence with a trusted leader. In fact, many will forgive less than stellar video, for a time, if the audio is excellent. Bad audio will ruin a meeting despite the highest quality images. Installing components that focus on individual presenters while minimizing errant noise guarantees you will be heard and respected

Perfected Presentations

Boardrooms are about clearly presenting concepts to your clients and team in the room and across the globe. Allowing various devices the ability to show and share from anywhere furnishes a free exchange of ideas regardless of platform or format. Connect wirelessly via the network or the in-room connection portal. 

Often we generate ideas in real-time, and the ability to communicate and demonstrate them to all parties is essential. Electronic whiteboards enable you to present, document, and organize your conceptualization for review. 

Collaboration - From Start to Finish

Companies rely on the network for everything from phones to video conferencing to email and server access. We work closely with your IT team to ensure confidence our systems will work well with yours. Are you ready to build better communications and increased sales with an improved business AV install? 

Contact us by calling 516-365-HIFI (4434) or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you! 

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