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Make Your Home More Liveable with Automated Shades

Window Treatments Offer Substance Without Sacrificing Style

Make Your Home More Liveable with Automated Shades

How your home looks and feels is crucial to your sense of comfort; when the décor does not inspire, then true relaxation is difficult to achieve. Window treatments complete the style of a room and make it a welcoming environment; they offer more than a final fit and finish.

We love our windows; they open up the walls of the house, making it less claustrophobic and let the natural rays of the sun into your daily routine. Automated shades from Savant save you money and protect your privacy while accenting your aesthetics with various styles and high fashion. 

Are you curious about what is possible with your Manhasset, NY home? Continue reading below to learn more.

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Smart Home Savvy

Shades are essential tools in the maintenance of your home's environment, reducing energy costs, creating the perfect ambiance, and protecting the interior of your home. When connected to Savant smart home automation, they help your home maintain itself, ensuring you have the optimal type of light any time of the day.

Multiple studies have shown that harnessing sunlight throughout your home makes it healthier and happier while enhancing a connection to the natural world. While the temperature continues to drop and the days are growing, shorter hours of sun streaming into your rooms creates overbearing and stuffy conditions. Motorized shades impart the power to manage the type and amount of sun that enters.

Suited to Your Needs

Rather than putting up with the visual distraction of switches and dimmers, the sophisticated interfaces are never eyesores, providing clean architectural lines instead. Whether you plan a new build or finish a renovation, install options suited to your needs.

A fully wired system with centralized dimmer units gives a new home the most comprehensive control and coverage. If the prospect of tearing up walls or displacing historic wallpaper is not possible, the same benefits can be had with wireless in-wall interfaces.

Delighted Designers

When automated shades were first introduced in the 1950s, they came in any style you could desire, so long as what you wanted was the one or two colors they offered. Savant shades are built differently, with whisper-quiet motors that are custom fit to your windows.

Your interior designer will delight in the variety of colors, textures, and transmission levels. By collaborating with world-class textile mills, the company offers a stunning selection of UV-resistant materials that fit the aesthetic you are looking for. So, whether you want to add a bit of romance with the filtered light of sheers, or blackout shades to create the perfect sleeping environment, you will find the right model for your home. 

A Better-Looking Home Today

This fall is the perfect time to upgrade your windows. Are you ready to make your home appear more comfortable and finished? Call us at 516-365-4434 or fill out our questionnaire to get the conversation started.

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